Wind Tree and Wind Bush

An Icon of The Renewable Revolution


Gaining inspiration from nature to produce tomorrow’s sustainable energy, today.

A revolutionary approach, combining cutting edge technology with world-leading visual impact.

A range of innovative products, elegant and completely silent, a seamless fit in both urban and natural environments.

Wind Tree - White Background

Wind Tree


The Wind Tree is the iconic and flagship product from New World Wind, a company based in Paris, France.

Designed to provide an installation that bridges the functionality of wind turbines with the aesthetics that make it acceptable for urban use, as well as provide a dramatic and stunning demonstration of your commitment to renewable energy.

Each Aeroleaf is silent thanks to their shape and the level of air fanned. Besides, The Aeroleaf does not use any clog, which allows it to remain silent.

The Aeroleaf has an optimized aerodynamic shape to gather the smallest wind and air movement. The threshold is 2.5m/s. Conversely, if the wind is too strong, an electromagnetic brake will be triggered to maintain the spin of the Aeroleaf in its confort zone and avoid any damage.

Ideal for communities and businesses alike, the Wind Tree is an asset that produces green energy while respecting aesthetics and urban development strategies.

Each Wind Tree can have different coloured trunks and aeroleaves, allowing you to customise your product to enhance the visual impact or your corporate branding.

Due to the Iconic status of the Wind Tree, utilising this as the flagship aspect of your renewables installation will ensure all who see it will be blown away.

Modular Tree


The modular tree is a complementary electrical production platform, shaped like the Wind Tree, composed of 3 to 5 modules (or trunks). Each of them carrying 6 micro turbines.

The modular tree is exceptional in all types of wind in urban or natural environments, whether turbulent or laminar, strong or light with a 360 degrees ability.

Varying from a 5.4 kW to 9.0 kW Wind Tree configuration, or a 6.2 kW to 10.3 kW hybrid wind-solar tree, the modular tree gives you fantastic flexibility to get the exact bespoke solution to your energy needs.

Standing over 8 metres tall, the visual impact is unquestionable, and is increased by the sleek lines and curves of the whole installation.

The silent running of the Modular Bush, as well as its ability to be customised to your space and budget, make this a fantastic option for those wishing to install the device in locations close to buildings, or on private land or business campuses.

The Modular Tree is an interesting alternative to the Wind Tree, being smaller, simpler and scalable while keeping the same design and silent.

Modular Tree - Schematic
Wind Bush

Wind Bush


The Wind Bush is smaller than the Wind Tree and Modular Trees and can be planted alone or in groups.

The Wind Bush has just as many photovoltaic petals as Aeroleaves, increasing the amount of energy produced per installation. These solar petals allow the Wind Bush to gain more power while being ultra-versatile, as well as providing further visual impact.

Utilised as a single installation, or in groups to line a walkway or enclosed space, the Wind Bush is a fantastic, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, renewable energy device, that provide a great demonstration of your commitment to renewable energy.

An Icon of The Renewable Renaissance


The Iconic Wind Tree and Wind Bush offers solutions that combine high technology with smart design, micro wind turbines with solar petals.

A range of innovative products, elegant and completely silent, resulting in a seamless fit in both urban and natural environments.

With their biomorphic Aeroleafs and their Solar petals, our Trees can be planted everywhere, naturally. Set it up right next to your company, in the middle of your garden, on the top of your roof, even in the heart of a busy city.

With varying configurations, designs, and colour schemes available, it is possible to create a truly unique installation that will be admired Worldwide.

No matter where you are in the World, installing the Wind Tree or Wind Bush will provide you with a visually dramatic and iconic installation that will be talked about locally, nationally, and internationally.

Intuitive Renewables are delighted to be the Exclusive UK Distributor of the iconic Wind Tree and Wind Bush

If you wish to discuss how you can harness both the beauty and efficiency of these wind turbines please do not hesitate to contact us.