Enessere Wind Turbines

Accuracy is Beauty, Proportions and Harmony of shapes


The harmony of the Enessere wind turbines isn’t accidental but inspired to the golden ratio. This is why we’re well aware of its uniqueness.

The golden ratio, or divine proportion, can be seen in many shapes in nature and is instinctively associated to the concept of beauty and harmony.

Enessere built on this idea to create a one-of-a-kind wind turbine.

Enessere Hercules

Hercules Wind Turbine


Wind turns into beauty with Enessere Hercules Wind Turbines. It’s a designer vertical axis mini wind turbine. The carbon wings are coated with a dense weave of wooden Paulownia or North American Cedar wanes.

The beauty of wood, contrasted against carbon fibre and steel, makes this the most beautiful and desirable small vertical axis wind turbine in the world.

A statement that second best is not good enough, using this installation demonstrates you desire to combine function with form, at the very highest level.

Pegasus Wind Turbine


Every place has a soul. To catch its essence also means to conceive tailor-made and exclusive solutions.

This is why Pegasus Wind Turbine is offered in a pretty much infinite range of chromatic customizations.

Customisable to almost any colour, the Pegasus is a fabulous way to keep the wind turbine discrete within your installation area or, conversely, projecting your brand colours to further demonstrate your commitment to renewable energy.

Enessere Pegasus 3

Beauty and Efficiency


Enessere believe that every green revolution is first of all a technological revolution. That the most innovative solutions are destined to trend-setting customers that look for environment-friendly, high quality products.

This is why we they created a technology that can be proudly displayed, not hidden. It still happens way too often that solutions available in the renewable energies market are perceived as a climb-down, where looks are sacrificed in favor of cost efficiency.

On the contrary, at Enessere, they believe that this hurdle can only be overcome with high range products that enhance the context they’re placed in. This is why Enessere strives to eradicate the root causes of the negative perception that wind sector still has.

By combining beauty and efficiency.

By making sure that wind turbines aren’t just beautiful to look at, they’re also efficient.

Able to enhance every context they’re placed in. And to ensure constant energy production with its wind turbines, that can exploit wind energy anywhere it comes from.

This is what makes Enessere’s products unique and exclusive.

Intuitive Renewables are the Exclusive UK Distributor of the beautiful and elegant Enessere Wind Turbines

If you wish to discuss how you can harness both the beauty and efficiency of these wind turbines please do not hesitate to contact us.