Fusing Form With Function


At Intuitive Renewables, we pride ourselves on providing not just a World Class Service, but working with manufacturers who provide truly astonishing and breathtaking devices.

Our brief is that renewable energy needs to move into the 21st Century, and adopt a more aesthetically pleasing form while retaining a highly efficient generation capability.

We have worked as a team and hand picked our partner manufacturers, and we work every day to add to the products we are able to provide.

We do also provide the ‘routine’ renewable energy installations, such as rooftop solar panels, but these are often partnered with the visually stunning installations to become the workhorse of an energy microgrid.

Enessere Wind Turbines


Enessere believe that every green revolution is first of all a technological revolution. That the most innovative solutions are destined to trend-setting customers that look for environment-friendly, high quality products.

This resulted in technology designed to be proudly displayed, not hidden.

Enessere, believe that high range products enhance the environment in which they are placed.

By combining beauty and efficiency.

By making sure that wind turbines aren’t just beautiful to look at, they’re also efficient.

Enessere Hercules
Wind Trees Project

Wind Tree and Wind Bush


The Iconic Wind Tree and Wind Bush offers solutions that combine high technology with smart design, micro wind turbines with solar petals.

A range of innovative products, elegant and completely silent, resulting in a seamless fit in both urban and natural environments.

With their biomorphic Aeroleafs and their Solar petals, our Trees can be planted everywhere, naturally. Set it up right next to your company, in the middle of your garden, on the top of your roof, even in the heart of a busy city.

With varying configurations, designs, and colour schemes available, it is possible to create a truly unique installation that will be admired Worldwide.

Dynamo Technology


Dynamo installations generate and accumulate electric and thermal energy from renewable sources to improve the overall efficiency of a building on multiple levels.

With a vision statement of ‘creating machines capable of creating energy without compromise on aesthetics’, Dynamo Technologies have created some of the most stunning renewable energy devices ever made.

Utilising Dynamo installations will enable you to provide a world-renowned installation, while also providing a multitude of technologies, including WiFi, air purification, and electricity charging hubs.

Dynamo D12
Smart Flower

Smartflower Solar


Smartflower Solar is a revolutionary  smart, simple, and stunning solar system.

As The World’s only solar solution to use an all-in-one, sculptural design and intelligent solution to produce clean, sustainable energy, the Smartflower is an exceptional addition for your home, car, or business energy needs.

Smartflowers are able to be used in all weather conditions, with inbuilt monitoring and safety equipment to ensure storage at night or time of high winds.

Up to 40% more efficient than regular solar panels and with the potential for personal or business branding, the Smartflower is a fantastic addition to any renewable energy project.

All of the products we supply are visually stunning and highly efficient

If you wish to find out more about how we can meet your needs with our products contact us using the link below