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People Power – Moving towards an electric future

June 25th, 2018 Posted by Construction, Corporate Responsibility, Energy Storage, Environment, Hybrid Power, Intuitive Renewables, Project Management, Solar Power, Wind Power 0 thoughts on “People Power – Moving towards an electric future”

People power is an unpredictable but hugely powerful phenomenon. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, we have see changes with each generation that the previous thought impossible, simply through the refocussing of the minds of the people.

Think of weekends, paid annual and sick leave, the abolition of slavery, the internal combustion engine, the telephone, internet shopping – these are all social revolutions that, once established became ‘the norm’, yet if you were to time travel someone forwards from 50 years before, they would be mind blowing.

These are all also signs of how the collective human consciousness can move society and create entire new industries simply through understanding, appreciating, and utilising new technology.

When the internal combustion engine came along, no one thought of mass transport of trillions of tonnes of cargo annually on container ships larger than most buildings. However, this is the basis of modern goods movement across vast distances.

The same is coming with electricity in transport as the normal power source. Electric trains are long established, but require a constant power supply – a convenience not applicable to cars. However, with recent developments in battery technology and huge leaps in car efficiency, the idea of owning an electric car is not the reserve of the ‘tech crowd’ or the innovators, but will soon become the mainstream mode of transport.

There is a concern, however, over when the electricity will come from – simply moving internal combustion to coal-fire power stations does not solve the problem, it simply moves it elsewhere.

Renewable energy coupled with power storage facilities are going to be at the very heart of this ‘social energy revolution’, and this will, over a period of 15-20 years, reduce pollution by more than almost any governmental intervention to date.

Intuitive Renewables are absolutely dedicated to ensuring this happens and we are now working with several businesses to create on-site renewable energy production, storage and charging facilities, with free access to this electricity for staff – Free fuel for simply turning up to work.

This is also something that you can install at home, providing an almost limitless supply of energy for travel, at a unit cost that will leave your bank manager very happy!

We know this is where the future is going, so if you want to join us on this journey, either at your business or at home, simply email us at contact@intuitiverenewables.com or use our contact form here to discuss the solutions we offer.

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