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Intuitive Renewables are delighted to disclose our national flagship project in our mission to increase renewable energy production across the UK while also benefiting local community groups and charities.

Our project – The Community Renewable Energy Network (CREN) – is looking to create a vast number of renewable energy installations across the whole of the United Kingdom.

We are looking to host our first projects in three locations, with more added to all the time. Our first locations highlighted due to their exceptional location for a project are:

1 – Weymouth and Portland

2 – Sheffield

3 – Southampton

If you wish to support our project, please visit our crowdfunding page –

A little bit of context

The United Kingdom is one of the greatest countries in the world, embracing a combination of fantastic landscape, technological innovation and social justice. There are places like nowhere else in the world, and a vast amount of the land is suitable for creating energy through renewable means. We have a stable and reliable daylight pattern, with the shortest day still providing 9 hours of sunlight for solar energy production. The location at the North West of the Euriopean continent also provides a constant and strong wind for producing energy through turbines.

But there’s a problem

Over recent times, the UK has failed to keep pace with other countries when it comes to renewable energy production, especially with the halt in large onshore wind projects – This is often due to the ugly nature of the majority of wind turbines or solar installations, which are opposed by many people, despite their desire for greater renewable energy production. This means that while we may be a country with a great potential for renewable energy production, we are not keeping pace with our ‘greener’ neighbours across Europe.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Climate Change needs two things to happen – firstly, we need to reduce our production of greenhouse gases and, secondly, we need to increase the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere. We hope Weymouth and Portland can, through this project, be at the forefront of this drive to reduce climate change.

We are therefore creating a campaign to purchase and install urban renewable energy devices. These will be used both to produce renewable energy and act as an aesthetic reminder of the importance of renewable energy – Demonstrating how we are able to mix a rich history with developing modern methods to help combat climate change.

We also feel that this endeavour can impact positively on a local area through the selling of the electricity to local businesses, individuals, and the National Grid.

The income we make will be spent on local projects for social and community uses. We aim to spend donations on environmental projects, community groups and local good causes, with the aim being to improve the lives of as many people as possible.

The money created will be split between the local community (75%) and a national grant fund (25%). This means that those local to any installation benefit the most, but also many people across the entire UK can apply for funding for socially-minded or charitable projects.

You can join us

We are looking to raise money to purchase, install and manage a vast array of renewable energy installations across the UK. This is a project for the benefit of the entire UK, aimed at providing modern, aesthetically pleasing installations across the entire landscape. The funds raised will only be used for the purchase, delivery, installation and ongoing monitoring of the entire project.

Using private and corporate sponsorship reduces our overheads, as loans for this project would mean that the amount of funding deliverable to the local community and social groups would be much reduced.

What do we offer in return?

We are offering the chance to sponsor individual project installations (or multiple installations) in any location across the UK – Here local individuals and businesses are able to have their business or personal name attached to the superstructure of the tree to remind everyone of their extremely generous donation. We are also able to offer varying amounts of branding and colour co-ordinating for the majority of our installations, but the exact ability depends on the structure sponsored.

If you think this is something that you would be interested in, please contact Intuitive Renewables via email via:

Other than sponsorship, we do not offer ‘rewards’. However, we predict a ‘donation multiplier’ of approximately 10 times the initial donation over the lifetime of the project. This means if you donate £100, over the lifetime of the wind turbines, you will have enabled £1,000 to be donated to the local groups and causes. This means your ‘reward’ is a multiplication of your initial donation!

If you wish to support our project, please visit our crowdfunding page –

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