Earth Overshoot Day

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Earth Overshoot Day – The scariest day every year

The day on which we have used more resources than we can provide for, thus creating an ‘environmental debt’ is known as Earth Overshoot Day. Essentially, we have overshot our ‘income for the year, and are simply taking more than is replaced.

Sadly, this event horizon occurs sooner every year. At the turn of the millennium, Earth Overshoot Day was estimated to be around 1st November, moving to 23rd September in 2008 and, 10 years later in 2018, is estimated to be on 1st August.

This represents a global usage of 1.7 times the natural capacity of Earth – Let that sink in… we are using 70% more materials than the earth can produce, every. single. year.

This does not have to be the case though, and it is possible for us to start to reverse this trend without having to resort to drastic means or huge governmental intervention. If we all made a few small changes to our lives, it is possible to make a huge positive impact on the global situation.

For example, if everyone made a small but permanent effect at reducing their waste of power, fuels, plastics alongside reducing other harmful and consumptive practices, the impact would be astronomical in scale, moving this day later and later in the year.

A great resource for anyone interested in Earth Overshoot day, and something that is interesting and frightening in equal measure can be found here: – However, this is also a great resource for finding out what you can do to move this day backwards, towards the end of the year and, ultimately, to a point where we never exceed

If you think that “My little efforts won’t make a difference”, remember, every great movement started with one person!

Intuitive Renewables are looking to start to impact positively on how much we as human impact the planet – every single wind turbine, every solar panel, and every water turbine reduces the amount we have to consume from our natural resources.

if you want to be part of the renewable energy revolution, and also improve your personal financial situation, please contact us to discuss potential projects.

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